Geeky Merchandise – TV, Film, Gaming & Movie Merchandise

We’ve been hard at work recently trying to ensure all those small business owners get their shop online! As we’ve been mentioned many times over the last couple of months, it’s more important now more than ever, that your customers can shop with you online. “In this increasingly difficult economic time, more and more people […]

Keep On Blogging!

Hi everyone, just a very brief post today just to explain a few things about blogging! I’m sure you’ve noticed that over the years blogging has become an increasingly popular thing to do on the internet. These days you’ve got blogs for pretty much everything and anything. Why is it important for small businesses to […]

Sneek Peek! The Piano Marketplace

I just thought I would share with you the first glimpse of a really exciting website we are currently working on! The Piano Marketplace! This is quite a complex website and it’s going to take many months to design and develop, to get it functioning the way it needs to. But it’s also an incredibly […]

Get your business online! E-commerce is essential!

Everything is a battle in the world at the moment due to Covid-19, and each business is struggling and fighting to ensure it survives. I certainly do feel for all the high street shops/restaurants that are taking the brunt of this crisis! If you have a physical retail shop that doesn’t currently trade online via […]

Covid-19 Policy

These are unfortunately very uncertain times for all of us, personally and when it comes to work or business. As a business, we feel we must do our part to ensure that we keep ourselves and all our customers as safe as possible. We continued work all throughout the lockdown due to the nature of […]

2020 – Launching Pay Monthly Websites

I’m very pleased to announce that as of September 2020 we will be launching our ‘Pay Monthly’ website packages to help those smaller business get online! Instead of having to pay an upfront payment for having your website designed and hosted, you can now get a modern, professional and completely mobile-friendly website for as little […]