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Reasons why your business needs a website in 2021!

Reasons why your business needs a website in 2021!

There aren’t just a few reasons why your business should have a website in 2021, in fact, there are a fair few! See below our list of reasons why you should invest in getting your own business website in the coming year.

1: Your customers will expect it

That’s right, the modern customer can be very demanding, and they expect quite a lot from you. Your customers will do an online search, whether that be via search engines such as Google or social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. If they cannot find you, that will immediately put them off. As time goes on and older generations become more tech-savvy they will just expect you have a website! Personally, if I’m looking for a business and they either don’t have a website or they have a very out-dated one, I don’t think much of them…because they can’t be bothered to maintain their online presence.

2: Your business will gain more credibility

As I mentioned in the previous reason, more and more customers are just expecting you to have a website, and if a potential customer cannot find yours, they will just go to your competitor who does have a website. It really is that simple!

3: The most affordable way to market your business

It’s true that websites aren’t as good for getting new customers as they once were, now that search engines such as Google and Bing are saturated with hundreds of millions of websites. However, your website is still the most cost-effective way to advertise your business. Don’t bother wasting your hard-earned money on printing thousands of brochures or leaflets and handed them out, focus all your time and effort onto social media and just market the hell out of your website link. With good SEO your website will hopefully start generating new leads on its own in time, but this doesn’t happen overnight and depending on how competitive your industry is will depend on how easy your website will be to move up the search engine rankings.

4: Help’s to keep your customers updated

You need to keep your customers up to date with all your business information, opening times, product sales etc. The best way to do that is via your website! Anyone can access your website, as long as they know how to use a web browser and have access to the internet, and let’s face it most people do these days. You might be saying to yourself, why can’t I just keep my customers updated via my Facebook page? Well, you can…but surprisingly not everyone will use Facebook, so you are missing out on potential customers. If one of your customers recommends your business to a friend who wants to have a look at your services online, and they don’t have a Facebook account then you’ve potentially lost a sale.

5: Your business is accessible 24/7

No matter that time of day/night or wherever you are in the world, your business will be accessible anytime on any device. If you have an online shop you don’t be limited by the closure of your highstreet shop. Your potential customers could be sat in front of the TV at night browsing your website to learn all about your services. The next morning they could call you up or email you to book your services! But if you didn’t have a website, they couldn’t do that.

6: Search Engines

It’s certainly much harder to appear on the first page of Google than it used to be, but with some work and research and a fair few months of sitting around waiting there’s no reason why you couldn’t start working your way up the Google rankings. The key to helping your website get up the Google ranks quicker is to keep your website active. I always find that having an active blog on your website will help. Google likes an active website, and dislikes those that aren’t!

7: Larger target audience

It’s true that over half of the world uses the internet! So if you’ve got an online shop and ship your products worldwide, that’s a very large potential audience you’ve got there.

8: Show off some of your work

If you offer professional services and you want to showcase your best work to potential customers, having your own website is the perfect way to do that. Yes, you can show off your images via your Facebook page but you cannot customise it to look exactly how you want. Trust me, your customers will think your business looks more professional if you have a really nice website to show off your work.

9: Communication with your customers

The easiest and most efficient way to communicate with your customers is via your website. Your customers can email you directly from your website. They could chat with you live on their website (if you wanted this service) and you can keep them updated with all your business news via your website’s blog. Keep them updated with your new opening hours, seasonal opening hours, your most recent covid-19 restrictions and guidelines.

10: Present your business how you want

One of the most important aspects of having your own business website is you can show off your services or products exactly how you want it. You won’t be limited to just customising your profile picture or your Facebook page cover photo, every element of your website can be customised to suit your business.

11: Get ahead of your competitors

Make sure that your website looks better than your competitors. If your competitors have old websites that don’t look very good, make sure yours does! Understand what your customers really want and get your website to reflect that…you never know you may end up taking on some of your competitor’s customers as well.

12: Helps you to become self-employed

Some businesses don’t require as many resources to set up like others. Do you want to become a professional blogger? Do you want to become a self-employed tutor, music teacher, create your own recipes? There as so many businesses that you can set up just by having the knowledge, skillset and a decent website!


I hope I have convinced you that having a website is an essential part of your business. If you would like to discuss a website for your business then feel free to get in touch with us for a chat about your website requirements. 


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